About This Video

In this Product Overview Video, Localeikki explains why someone would want to use their app, which helps its users discover new places to recreate outdoors, from running trails to parks and bike paths.

To help humanize their brand while sharing their story, this video was shot in a sound-bite style, where we wrote tightly-scripted soundbites, which were then memorized individually and recited on camera. We chose this format because most people aren’t script-trained, which makes them appear rigid on camera. So by using this style, we were able to offer our client the best of both worlds: the ability to stay tightly on-script and the ability to maintain an authentic and conversational tone.

How We Use Product Overview Videos

Product Overview Videos are a type of explainer video that provides a high-level overview of a single product or service line.

As a high-value sales and marketing asset, product overview videos tend to be tightly-scripted and may be shot in a variety of visual styles, from animations with voice-over to interview-style videos with B-Roll. This could feature 1 or more people and may also include a demonstration of the product or tour of the service being highlighted.

WireBuzz can design and produce Product Overview videos for your business. Contact us to find out more.

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