About This Video

This video, designed for BASIC Spine, is a unique form of Explainer video.

As with most explainer videos, it explains the key differentiators of our client’s brand. But what makes it unique is that the value propositions are infused into a larger narrative about the history of BASIC and their values.

NOTE: This video was designed for YouTube, which is why the end card at the end is not clickable.

How We Use Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are high-value sales and marketing tools that typically live on your website’s home page or product page, depending on your website’s organization.

They are usually tightly-scripted and may be shot in a variety of visual styles, from animations with voice-over to interview-style videos with B-Roll. The focus of this video type is articulating the key differentiators of your product and why your target audience should choose to do business with you.

WireBuzz can design and produce Explainer videos for your business. Contact us to find out more.

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