Video Portfolio

  • AAA Recruitment Video – Kids Testimonial

    This video was produced for AAA-Arizona to encourage people to apply for positions in their fleet.

    We wanted the video to be clickable, humorous, and heartfelt. By bringing the kids of real-life AAA Fleet drivers on screen, we were able to highlight what makes AAA different from your everyday towing company.

    This was designed to be shared and promoted on social media, as well as in email campaigns and job listings on the web.

    Feedback from AAA’s Project Lead: 

    “The WireBuzz team produced an incredibly unique and high-impact video for us and brought out something I don’t think any other agency could have. Their eye for bringing together a story and executing its purpose is quite masterful. The WireBuzz team just gets us and are so easy to work with.” -Cheryl Johannes, Senior Marketing Specialist