Video Portfolio

  • Natera – Panorama Overview

    We produced this Product Overview video for Natera to promote their Panorama Test for pregnant women. Because the window for educating women about this product is so short, we chose to use a unique animation style and professional voiceover to maximize attention spans and keep viewers watching to the end.

  • AAA Recruitment Video – Kids Testimonial

    We wanted the video to be clickable, humorous, and heartfelt. By bringing the kids of real-life AAA Fleet drivers on screen, we were able to highlight what makes AAA different from your everyday towing company. This was designed to be shared and promoted on social media, as well as in email campaigns and job listings on the web.

  • 23andMe – CEO Interview

    We produced this CEO interview for 23andMe to help them share some breaking news in their industry. Like most of our interview videos, it includes B-roll and motion graphics to help tell the story and make the video more interesting.  

  • Emory Genetics: What Is Exome Sequencing?

    This video was created to teach physicians about the value of exome sequencing, a type of genetic test. Using animation and a professional voiceover, this video describes what exome sequencing is and some of the ways it benefits both patients and physicians.

  • 22q – A Tiny Piece

    This video was created to help spread awareness about 22q. While it's about as common as Downs Syndrome, very few parents are aware of the condition and don't know what to look for. The video features several people who've been personally touched by 22q and provides an opportunity for them to share their stories and advice.

  • Airware 30 Sec. Spot – “Cyclist”

    This video was produced for Airware Labs to promote their AirSport product, which is a discreet nasal insert that improves athletic performance by helping wearer's breathe better. It includes animation, professional voiceover, and b-roll of a cyclist in action.