Video Ads

  • Flagstaff – VisitCool 30Sec “Art”

    With videos, you have mere seconds or to explain the value of your offer. We helped the Flagstaff Visitor Center do just that in this promotional video.

  • Invitae – Family History Tool YouTube Ad

    This 30-second video was created for YouTube's TrueView ad format, which are the skippable pre-roll videos you see when you're on YouTube. This video was designed for genetic counselors and oncologists. We also created versions for Invitae's patient audience, as well as 15-second versions for different advertising formats.

  • Natera – Every Woman Commercial

    This commercial, created for Natera, encourages women to consider genetic screening before and during pregnancy. By featuring multiple actors that express the emotions and concerns mothers-to-be often have, this video shows how carrier and prenatal screening can benefit any family.

  • ElectroMedical – World Without Pain

    We created this video for ElectroMedical Technologies to build interest and demand for their product, an electrotherapy device that helps alleviate pain of all types. This video is designed to introduce people to the idea of being pain-free, but in a narrative form without using a sales pitch.

  • Localeikki – 30 Sec. Spot

    We created this video for Localeikki, an app for active travelers. This 30-second video ad is actually a re-cut of their explainer video, which was closer to 2 minutes in length. By trimming that video down to the bare essentials, we were able to efficiently provide a second video that could be used in a variety of video advertising formats.

  • BASIC Spine – YouTube Ad

    In this video, created for YouTube's advertising platform, BASIC explains their integrated approach to pain relief. In just 30 seconds, viewers get to see the many ways that BASIC Spine can help them with their medical needs.