• Invitae – BRCA1 & BRCA2 Testimonial

    In this award-winning testimonial video, a patient with a family history of breast cancer shares her experience using a genetic test by Invitae to determine if she is BRCA2 positive. She and her mother share their story in a relatable way for many who may also be thinking about having this test.

  • Medtronic 2016 Patient Testimonial – Nicole

    This patient story was produced for Medtronic, the company that created PlasmaBlade, a surgical tool that helps women conserve their nipples during a mastectomy. The video features both the patient and her surgeon sharing the reasons why they chose a nipple-sparing mastectomy and includes B-roll to add visual variety and keep viewers engaged.

  • Guardant Health Testimonial – Teri, Summer, & Marc

    In this testimonial, 3 patients describe how the Guardant360 test has improved their cancer treatment by identifying genomic alterations in cancer cells. With supportive b-roll, they share how they can continue to live happily while managing their cancer.

  • Gamma Medica – Physician Testimonial

    This physicians testimonial was produced for Gamma Medica. It includes two interviews, animation, and supportive B-roll, making it one of our more highly-produced video testimonials. The purpose of this video is to share an authentic, unscripted review of the product to increase trust and credibility with our client's target customers.

  • Provista Testimonial – Julie

    In this testimonial, Julie and her sons describe the difficulty of her undergoing regular biopsies and procedures because of her dense breasts. The Videssa Breast blood test made it much easier for her physician to make better recommendations, allowing her to enjoy more time with her family instead of worrying about test results.

  • BASIC Spine Patient Testimonial – Lee Harris

    After a debilitating golf injury, Lee turned to BASIC for treatment. Combining both physical therapy and surgery, Dr. Oh and the BASIC team were able to help Lee fully recover. This video combines b-roll and interviews with Lee, Dr. Oh, and Dr. Leach to show the diverse treatment methods that BASIC uses to help patients.