• OvaGene – 2015 Company Overview

    This company overview video was created for OvaGene to give them a compelling asset that describes their process and how patients benefit by using their tests. The video was created by combining the audio, footage from multiple interviews, and B-roll elements to increase the production value and make the video more visually interesting.

  • Emory – Neurology Overview

    This video was created to provide an overview of Emory's Neurological Gene Test. The videos targets physicians by openly discussing the problems with other labs and why their test is different from and better than the competition. It includes animation, B-roll, and a professional voiceover.

  • Symmetry Software – Homepage Overview Video

    This overview video was designed to be used on Symmetry's home page to generate interest in their products and give potential customers an opportunity to learn more about what they do. Like many of our videos, it begins by identifying the painful problems payroll managers are faced with before explaining how they can help solve them.

  • History of BASIC Spine

    This video, designed for BASIC Spine, is a unique form of Explainer video. It explains the key differentiators of our client's brand. But what makes it unique is that the value propositions are infused into a larger narrative about the history of BASIC and their values.

  • Localeikki – Explainer Video

    In this Product Overview Video, Localeikki explains why someone would want to use their app, which helps its users discover new places to recreate outdoors. By using a sound-bite style of shooting, we were able to offer our client the the ability to stay tightly on-script while maintaining an authentic and conversational tone.

  • Sequenom – MaterniT21 Overview

    This video was created to provide an overview of MaterniT21, a non-invasive prenatal test targeting pregnant women. It includes animation, B-roll, professional voiceover, as well as soundbites from Sequenom's genetic counselors. By combining these different elements, we're able to add visual variety, which helps us increase attention span.