• Natera – Timing for Horizon Carrier Screening

    In this video, Barbara Pettersen, Clinical Director at Natera, discusses the right time to have a Horizon carrier screening. This video provides educational information for expecting mothers and answers some questions about having a carrier screening.

  • Genomic Health – DCIS Testimonial

    Our client relaunched a product after new studies indicated it served a larger population of women. This video informs physicians about how they can make better informed recommendations about cancer treatment because of this new finding.

  • Medtronic Testimonial – Dr. Peter Turk

    In this video, Dr. Peter Turk shares how Medtronic’s Plasma Blade has helped improve patient outcomes and enables him to perform more efficient mastectomies. His testimonial attests to the benefits of the Plasma Blade and educates potential customers on the ways this tool can benefit their practice.

  • Invitae Testimonial – Dr. Brian Vikstrom

    Invitae’s cost-effective, flexible genetic testing options help doctors deliver the best care for patients. This testimonial by Dr. Brian Vikstrom shows how community practices like his benefit from Invitae. In addition to Dr. Vikstrom's compelling story, this video includes text and graphics to reinforce some of his most powerful points.

  • Medtronic 2016 Patient Testimonial – Kelly

    This patient story was produced for Medtronic, the company that created PlasmaBlade, a surgical tool that helps women conserve their nipples during a mastectomy. The video features both the patient and her surgeon sharing the reasons why they chose a nipple-sparing mastectomy and includes B-roll to add visual variety and keep viewers engaged.

  • Dune Medical – Margin Probe Surgical Procedure Video

    In this video testimonial, Dr. Police explains how she uses Dune Medical's Margin Probe device to achieve a 4% re-excision rate. Please note that this video contains graphic surgical footage.