• Decoding Annie Parker – Interview

    In partnership with the Arizona Oncology Foundation, WireBuzz interviewed Annie Parker to get an autobiographical look at her family’s experience with cancer and promote the movie, “Decoding Annie Parker”. Clips from the movie and family photos bring an emotional element to the interview to emphasize Annie’s message.

  • Invitae – ACMG 2015 Highlights

    Recorded during AMCG 2015, this video shows Invitae’s participation and leadership in the genetic and genomic industry. Invitae genetic counselors and other medical professionals recap some of the important highlights at the conference and talk about key innovations happening in the field.

  • YSC Summit – Kim Jewett

    Kim Jewett shares her experience with breast cancer at the YSC Summit. In addition to capturing an inspiring story about the struggles of fighting breast cancer, this is an excellent example of how video can carry the conference experience beyond the initial event.

  • Natera – 2016 Conference Highlights

    This video provides an exciting look at the progress Natera is making in genetic screening technology. It incorporates b-roll from Natera's lab, animation, and news footage about genetic testing. Most importantly, it features testimonials from genetic specialists and engineers, many of which were recorded during a conference.

  • YSC Summit – 2015 Highlights

    This video was produced for the Young Survival Coalition, a non-profit that that focuses on helping younger women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. This particular video was shot in a boxed style and features B-roll and interview footage captured at their annual conference.

  • Invitae – 2014 Highlights

    The branding is for our client, Invitae, but the story is not about them. Rather, the video seeks to capture the feeling and excitement of being at the conference. Our goal for this video was to create something attendees would be delighted to receive and share, while reinforcing the relationships they built with our client at the event.