• Natera – Phlebotomy Instructions

    Many of Natera's labs were submitting bad tests because they weren't following the proper procedure. To make the instructions easier to understand, we produced this instructional video that goes through the test kit step by step. With the help of this video, they've experienced a significant decrease in bad test submissions.

  • Guardant Health – Validation Study Video

    Wish more people would read your product's validation studies? Then do what Guardant Health did in this video and deliver the information using video. When given a choice, people are 4x more likely to watch a video than read text.

  • Natera – Explanation of the Billing Process

    To bring clarity to Natera patients, we created this video that explains their billing process. Animations and voice over help make this once confusing and intimidating explanation much easier to understand. A video like this is a great way to automate answers to frequently asked questions, saving time and closing sales faster.

  • Redirect Health — FAQ Video

    Videos are an excellent way to handle questions and objections from prospective customers. In this video, Co-Founders of Redirect Health answer a frequently asked question: "Will RDH eliminate Obamacare penalties for my employees?" The video is carried by a carefully designed script to ensure that the messaging concise, and jump-cuts between the tw…read more

  • Scottsdale Healthcare – Dr. Janicek

    In this video, Dr. Mike F. Janicek, Medical Director of Gynecologic Oncology at the Scottsdale Healthcare Medcial Center, discusses what a woman should expect if she gets ovarian cancer. This is an example of a short Question & Answer style video that can be used online to build relationships and provide value to your target customers.

  • Invitae – Family History Tool Tutorial

    This tutorial provides a streamlined explanation of how to use their product effectively. Unlike sales or marketing videos, this was not designed to sell a product, but to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support queries. Stylistically, this is a very simple video, with screen captures and voice over.