• ElectroMedical – Welcome Video

    This video was created to welcome new employees to ElectroMedical Technologies. The company’s CEO, business operations manager, and IT director all talk about the values and goals of ElectroMedical. This footage is combined with graphics to set a positive tone for the work environment new employees can expect.

  • Airware – Investor Video

    To increase investor interest, we created this video for Airware Labs. CEO Jeffrey Rassas covers everything from benefits of their products to the global success of the company. Accompanying graphics help keep viewers interested in this potential investment opportunity.

  • Nektar – SABCS 2014 Presentation

    Video can be a great way to share information that is presented by industry leaders at national conferences. When Edith A. Perez, MD, gave her presentation on personalized medicine at SABCS 2014, WireBuzz was there to help Nektar capture it on video and share important ideas on omics-driven cancer medicine.

  • Natera – Engineer Recruitment Video

    This video was produced for Natera, a genetics company that specializes in non-invasive prenatal testing. Natera needed a solution for attracting more engineers in a very competitive industry. To help meet their goals, our team produced a series of highly-targeted recruitment videos.

  • Invitae – Randy Scott

    In this video, Dr. Randy Scott, co-founder of Invitae, discusses the fact that genetic diseases are not rare. Each of us is carrying multiple genetic diseases, we just don't know which ones. This video was designed to build demand for Invitae's product, not necessarily to sell it directly -- a smart approach for your video strategy.

  • Genomic Health – Dr. Lucia Presentation

    In this video, Dr. Lucia, a key opinion leader and doctor at Genomic Health, presents new information and research results, with his slides animated in post-production. This sample from the full video provides an example of what is possible.