• WireBuzz Animation Reel

    Check out our reel of animation work. Animation videos are a great way to engage your audience with visually striking content that's fun, lively and memorable. Often times animation can help easily convey a difficult concept and many viewers find animation videos more watchable for an extended period of time.

  • Baylor College of Medicine – BRCA Explanation

    We created this video for Baylor College of Medicine to explain how the BRCA gene can affect a woman's risk for cancer. Using interesting animation and voice over helps keep viewers engaged so that they can easily understand the complex information that is being delivered.

  • Redirect Health Animated Explainer

    When you're selling a complicated product, video is a great way to improve clarity and increase interest. Our client came to us with an innovative healthcare plan — one so innovative that it was difficult to explain to prospects. In turn, we created an animated hero video that does a lot more than merely explain the product.

  • ElectroMedical – History of Electrotherapy

    This video explains how electricity and medicine has been used over time. Animated graphics, voice-over, and humor are combined to capture and maintain attention throughout the 10 minute history lesson. Entertaining and informational, this video ends with a CTA that leads viewers to Electromedical's product, the Wellness Pro Plus.

  • Genomic Health – Outcome Data

    This video was created for Genomic Health to show breast cancer patients how asking for their Onchytype DX score can improve their breast cancer treatment plan. By combining medical data, voice-over, and easy-to-follow graphics, patients watching the animated video can easily digest information and feel comfortable asking for personalized care.

  • Provista – ProteoMark 3D Animation

    This video was created to provide an overview of ProteoMark, a new liquid biopsy technology that helps doctors identify circulating tumor cells in the blood. It includes 3D animation and professional voiceover to capture attention and accurately portray how the technology works.