Healthcare Marketing

  • Experienced Healthcare Marketers

    Healthcare marketing is where it all started for WireBuzz. While we’ve expanded our horizons since then, healthcare marketing is still a core competency and passion area for everyone on our team. Our flagship project, Breast Cancer Answers, is a patient awareness campaign that generated 6.3 Million video views in its first year and is still on a path of rapid growth, reaching new patients every day.

    We develop video marketing strategies, run campaigns, and amplify existing strategies for leading healthcare providers and health product companies. Our expertise is in harnessing Internet technologies and the power of video to reach your audience in the most effective way possible.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    Utilizing cutting-edge content, social media, and video marketing tools, we help you focus on specific consumer segments to deliver content that drives the results you want. More importantly, we help you measure the effectiveness of the campaigns and adjust in realtime to maximize your investment.

    Healthcare Marketing Physician Awareness
  • Physician Outreach

    Educating physicians on the latest developments and advances in biomedical products and services is essential but increasingly difficult, given the constraints on the doctor’s time. To address this need, WireBuzz has developed strategies that bridge the gap in physician education and outreach.

    One of our proprietary tools, Nurtured, helps your representatives maximize their marketing efforts by sending physicians follow-up emails embedded with videos about your product or service. This allows your clients to view your content when they choose, which makes them more receptive to the information and more likely to respond favorably. What’s more, you get databased feedback about which videos were watched and how many times they were watched, so you can assess their interest level.

    In addition to Nurtured, WireBuzz has helped organizations deliver targeted content to physicians using a variety of efficient, cost-effective media-based programs, including:

    • Live Event Broadcasts from Industry Conferences
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Highly-Targeted Video Ads

    Marketing to physicians online requires advanced Internet marketing ingenuity to be efficient and effective. With our extensive experience, WireBuzz is uniquely positioned to help you advance your marketing objectives in the healthcare industry.


  • Patient Education Tools

    One of the most common concerns we hear from physicians and their staff is that they have limited time to spend with patients. Patient satisfaction and retention suffer as a result. Furthermore, research suggests that patients only retain 30% of what they’re told during appointments, leading to worse treatment outcomes and increased patient anxiety.

    On-demand video is the most powerful tool for educating patients. To achieve this, WireBuzz developed a simple tool called Informed that allows physicians to simply email follow-up videos to their patients after a visit. These videos provide a short tutorial on topics critical to the patient’s visit, such as treatment options or pre-surgical preparation.

    These tools are designed to be managed by office staff and it takes less than a minute to send to patients. They are well received by patients and standardize essential information delivery.

  • Our Passion Projects

    As WireBuzz honed its healthcare expertise, we developed a passion for one particular field of medicine: cancer. Most of our staff has been personally touched by cancer, either personally or in their families. So as we grew our oncology portfolio, we were driven to share the important developments we were learning about. This led to the production of vetted, yet understandable, information that would be useful to cancer patients and their support teams.

    Studies show that patients are increasingly savvy about using technology to learn about their condition, but are apprehensive when determining which sources to trust. By search optimizing videos from the leading breast, prostate and colon cancer experts, WireBuzz helps patients find credible answers online in terms they can understand.