Thanks to Facebook’s silent autoplay feature, your Facebook videos need to be compelling even without audio.

In fact, many Facebook users routinely watch videos without sound. That means you need to communicate most of the value of your video without audio.

That can be a serious challenge if you’ve already created a video. Captions can only do so much for you, because they force your viewers to read, which kind of defeats the whole point of using video, right?

However, if you know you’re creating videos to be shared with your Facebook fans, then there are many simple and effective ways to overcome Facebook’s silent autoplay.

Flashcards, animations, and subtitles help carry your video’s message without sound. So in this video, I’ll share some ways you can use text effectively in your to Facebook videos.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a powerful video without sound
  • How to use flashcards in your video
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