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    For more information on how WireBuzz can help prepare your brand for success in search, call us at 480-699-8053.

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  • Benfits of Video For Content Marketing

    Benfits of Video For Content Marketing

    Video gives you a head start, because it makes your content 53x more likely to get on the first page of Google search Pages with video attract 2x more inbound links Video doubles the average time on page By optimizing video for YouTube and your website, you get double the searchable footprint Video is more […]

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  • Content Marketing With WireBuzz

    SEO Content Marketing

    WireBuzz was one of the first content marketing agencies out there, but what really makes us unique is how we incorporate affordable video into all our clients’ content. With our in-house production team and Emmy Award-winning producer, WireBuzz works to develop high-quality videos for your content and ensures it remains in line with Google standards […]

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  • Evergreen Content Builds Your Audience Over Time


    If you provide answers to questions or discuss topics that will remain relevant for years (we call this type of content “evergreen”) you will gradually build up your searchable footprint and traffic to your site grow continually.

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  • How Does Content Marketing Work?


    Every industry is different, but when your target customer is searching the internet, he or she is looking for something. And odds are, the rest of your audience is looking for the same types of things. By providing relevant content to your audience, you not only generate traffic to your site and expand your searchable […]

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  • Content Marketing For SEO

    Content Marketing for SEO

    Content marketing is an SEO strategy where the focus is placed on providing specific answers to specific questions. This ensures that your content is relevant to search engine users that are looking for information. By providing high quality information that answers their questions, you naturally get strong indicators of relevance, which is a signal to […]

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  • Content Marketing is the Future of SEO

    Old school SEO strategies relied on telling search engines what your content was about to get a first page ranking. And for a long time, that worked. But the jig is up; Google is onto you. The ultimate goal of a search engine is to provide content that their users are looking for. That means […]

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