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  • How Informed Can Work for You

    Informed sets your practice apart by promoting the ongoing education of patients. This works to increase the efficiency of your practice and improve patient outcomes. We are able to monitor which videos patients watched in our encrypted, HIPAA-compliant database. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of defending against informed consent litigation, you will […]

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  • How It Works


    Informed enables a physician to say, “I know this is a lot of information, so after our meeting, I will send you a follow-up email with short videos where I explain the details about your specific condition.” It’s as simple as making a note of which videos you want to send on your patient’s clipboard, […]

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  • What It Looks Like

    Email Template

    After the meeting, a medical assistant can log in to their account, enter the patient’s email and name, choose an email template and the videos they want to send. Within a minute videos explaining their condition, procedure, or treatment in greater depth has been delivered directly to the patient.

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  • Why Video?


    Video is by far the most effective tool for educating people because it caters to all the major methods of learning (auditory, visual, emotional). Plus, many people just don’t like to read.

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  • The Biggest Problem Doctors Face

    As a specialist in healthcare marketing, one thing I’ve consistently heard from doctors is that what frustrates them most is that they are only able to spend about 10 minutes with each patient. During those 10 minutes, doctors must define and redefine complicated medical terminology rather than educate and support patients. To compound this, recent […]

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