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  • Product Overview Videos

    This simple product overview video is designed to teach physicians about the LumaGem Breast Imaging System. Most brands can benefit from product overview videos, as they visually demonstrate what you’re telling your audience.Using video to communicate the value of your product is much more effective than simply using text. In fact, research has shown that […]

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  • Motion Graphic Videos: Conference Loop

    WireBuzz is equipped to produce videos in a variety of different formats, including animated motion graphic videos. Motion graphic videos are excellent at attracting attention because the human brain is programmed to fixate on movement and color. In addition to their eye-grabbing effect, animated videos allow marketers to use iconography and illustrations to simplify and […]

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  • Patient Testimonial Videos

    Much like physician testimonials, patient testimonials are powerful tools for influencing your target audience. Trust and credibility are often the remaining concerns that come between potential customers and a sale. Testimonial videos help to alleviate such concerns by putting a real person on camera and letting them tell their story. Testimonials of all types are […]

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  • Patient Education Videos

    Patient education videos can serve a variety of purposes, which is why they are one of WireBuzz’s most frequently requested video types. They can be used for: search engine optimization, direct-to-patient marketing, social media engagement, email marketing, blogging, and as part of WireBuzz’s proprietary Informed tool. In this sample, Dr. Sershon is using his video […]

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  • Physician Testimonial Videos

    This basic testimonial video discusses the Oncotype DX Prostate Cancer Assay, a genomic test that determines if patients are likely to benefit from treatment. The client we produced it for, Genomic Health, uses videos like this one to educate physicians around the country about their test and how it can be used to personalize treatment […]

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  • Physician Bio Videos

    When relationships and expertise matter most, bio videos shine the brightest. Nothing transfers emotion quite like video. That’s why we recommend biographical videos when a client needs to build relationships with their target audience. Trust and authority don’t come standard anymore…even if you wear a white coat. In the Information Age, your customers have more […]

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