Not every industry is glamorous — we know.

If you’re in accounting, law, tax, or insurance, you might think that no one is interested in what you have to say.

But the truth is, your target customers need you. Even in a boring industry, people are looking for tips, hacks, and information that can help them do achieve their goals and get better results.

So how do you create compelling videos in a boring niche?

Here’s a clue: create videos that are helpful to your potential buyers.

In this episode, Marcus will show you how to make great video content for your business, even if it’s not a sexy topic. Take a look to find out how turning “boring” into helpful will delight your customers, even before they walk through your door.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why your industry isn’t as boring as you think
  • How to use targeted videos to attract the right customers at the right time
  • How to discover what your audience is looking for, so that you can make relevant, helpful content for future prospects
  • Why making interesting videos in a dry industry will give you an edge over your competition

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Marcus Krieg

Director of Strategy at WireBuzz
Marcus is the Director of Strategy at WireBuzz. For more writing and video marketing tips, follow him on Facebook or Twitter.