Conversion Rate Optimization

  • What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

    If you want your website to generate as much profit as possible at the lowest operational cost (who doesn’t want that?), then Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is exactly what your business needs.

    Across the internet, websites average about a 2% conversion rate. What this means is that for every 50 people who visit a website, only one becomes a customer.

    CRO is the art and science of making changes, some subtle and some not, to your website to increase the percentage of site visitors that become customers. With the CRO process, it is possible to double or even triple conversion rates across your site.

    If math is not your forte, that means you can double or even triple revenue from your website without spending additional funds to increase traffic!

    Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Calculate Your Website’s Conversion Rate

    To calculate your website’s conversion rate, simply take the number of completed “target actions” on your site and divide that number by the total number of unique site visits. Multiply that decimal by 100 and you have your conversion rate in percent.

    Calculate Conversion
  • What Are “Target Actions?”

    Target actions are the actions you want visitors to make on your website. Your site may have one or many desired actions and each can be measured and optimized to increase your overall conversion rate. Target actions can vary widely by website and industry, though some of the most common include:

    • Newsletter Opt-Ins
    • Phone Calls
    • Purchases
    • Form Submissions
    • Social Engagement (Like, +1, Follow, Share, etc)
    • Downloads
    • Emails
    Target Actions
  • How Most Businesses Scale Website Revenue

    Most businesses attempt to scale revenue by increasing the amount of money they invest in things like:

      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Pay-per-Click Advertising
      • YouTube Ads
      • Display Ads
      • TV Commercials
      • Radio Ads
      • Social Media

    And while all of these tactics have their place and can be effective ways to boost your website revenue, the goal of these tactics is to increase the number of visitors to your site. But as you are aware, traffic generation is expensive!

    Conversion Revenue
  • The Case For Conversion Optimization: ROI

    Picture this: your business is spending $10,000/month on traffic generation and you’re converting at the standard 2%. If you want to double revenue from your site, you have two options:

    ROI Comparison

    Both options will double your revenue, but the ROI is much higher with CRO. Plus, with CRO your site improvements are permanent, whereas traffic generation requires investing money every month to maintain the revenue increase.

  • How We Increase Conversion Rates

    Depending on how much site traffic you have, the WireBuzz Optimization Team will perform either “A/B” or “multivariate” testing to improve your website’s conversion rate.

    Conversion Variation
  • A/B Testing

    A/B testing is when two versions of a web page are created and tested against one another, typically sending half of page visitors to one version and half to the other.

    Ultimately, one version will prove to have a higher conversion rate and will win the experiment.

    Video A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing

    Multivariate testing utilizes the same tactics as A/B testing but instead of two versions of your website, there are several that web traffic is split between. This allows you to test a variety of page elements (copy, layout, images, calls to action, etc) at the same time.

    However, because you are splitting traffic amongst several test version, it takes longer for a version to become a clear-cut winner. As such, this type of testing only advisable for high-traffic websites.

    Multivariate Testing
  • The WireBuzz Method

    After each test our optimization team analyzes the data to identify key takeaways about what seems to make your audience convert at the highest rate.

    Whatever the takeaway is, we implement it across your site and test for overall lift. Then we create a new test case and start the process over again.

    As time goes on, your site’s conversion rate will continue to grow as new takeaways are discovered and implemented across your site.

    Wirebuzz A/B Testing