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32 Video Marketing Statistics That Matter In 2018

by Pierce Nudd • April 6, 2017

There are three camps of marketers…

Those that make it to the promised land, those that get lost in the desert, and those that drowned in the Red Sea.

Dramatic? Maybe.

But while video is reshaping the marketing landscape, most businesses are still wandering in the desert while their competitors are enjoying the promised land.

It may not seem like a big deal, but brands that use video marketing grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.

Can you afford to give your competitors that kind of head start?

Fortunately, we’ve scaled the mountain, spoken with the great marketing gods, and brought back the most important video marketing statistics in one long testament of a blog post — so you can drop the mic and walk away the next time you’re asked to prove how powerful video can be for your business.

We’ve compiled as many verifiable video marketing statistics as we could find, and will continue adding to this list as we discover new data to share.

So without further ado, here are the most powerful, informative and substantial facts about video marketing on the internet…\
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The Dark Side of Video: 5 Critical Mistakes Marketers Make (Ep. 65)

by Todd Hartley • February 28, 2017

We talk a lot about the benefits of incorporating video into your sales and marketing strategies…

But you should know about the dark side of video, too.

There’s no doubt that video marketing requires an investment. And we’re not too shy about sharing that, because we also know that video produces the best results.

But with just a few missteps, it’s easy to waste your time and money on an ineffective video. Unfortunately, we see it more often that we’d like.

Here at WireBuzz, we want nothing more than to see your business get ROI from your video investment.

In many cases, that means knowing which pitfalls to avoid, which is why we’re showing you the way by sharing some of the biggest mistakes marketers make when using video to educate prospects and drive sales.

In this episode of Video Marketing Mastery, we’re going to pull back the curtain on the dark side of video — the 5 biggest mistakes marketers typically make in their video marketing — so your business can avoid those embarrassing blunders and generate ROI.

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How to Increase Demand for Your Product Using Video

by Colin Noonan • February 23, 2017

You’ve designed a great product, launched it, and waited for prospects to line up for it…

But few people are buying, or even showing interest.

What went wrong?

Did you target the wrong audience? Was the price too high? Bad timing?

It’s easy to make excuses for why quality prospects don’t convert, but in our experience, it can usually be boiled down to one common mistake.

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The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017 (and Beyond!)

by Todd Hartley • December 28, 2016

If you’ve been following digital marketing trends at all, it’s no secret that we’re on track to see video shift and shape the world of marketing more than ever in 2017.

And if there’s anything to take away from 2016, it’s that video is no longer an option for marketers — it’s a vital part of any content strategy that wants to taste success.

But the question we’re answering now is what’s next in the world of video marketing?

From strategy to sales, we’ve examined the landscape of video marketing and curated only the most essential trends that you should be watching for in the coming year.

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How to Use Video to Generate More Leads

by Colin Noonan • December 15, 2016

Did you know that 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website?

Even worse, 80% of your website visitors will never return.

Businesses, now more than ever, need to play the long game and nurture relationships with their prospects. But before you can start building those relationships, you first need to actually generate leads from your website.

Thankfully, with built-in plugins and embeddable forms, it’s easier than ever to convert website visitors into highly-qualified leads.

Then, once you’ve gotten permission to continue the relationship, it’s time to nurture them with great content.

But the problem is, most businesses are only using newsletters, free trials, and other low-value offers to generate leads.

That’s just not going to cut it, which is why I’m going to share a simple way to permanently 5-10x your website’s lead conversion rate using a video-based “lead magnet.”

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