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  • Social Video Marketing: Optimizing Your Videos For Each Platform


    Remember when Facebook tried to make hashtags catch on?

    How embarrassing was that?!

    They tried to copy a technique that works on Twitter, but it just didn’t make sense for Facebook’s users.

    It didn’t work because Facebook isn’t a discovery platform like Twitter. And it never was.

    The critical mistake Facebook made here, is that they lost sight of what their platform is and how people actually use it. They tested something that was guaranteed to fail because it didn’t align with how users engage with their platform.

    The same dynamic applies to marketers as well — if you don’t understand how to tailor your communication to the context and culture of each platform, you’ll just embarrass yourself like Facebook did.

    You know what I’m talking about. You probably see it all the time; brands that create a tweet that automatically gets posted on Facebook too. Those results are so bad, they speak for themselves.

    It’s pretty obvious that you need to tailor your content for each platform you’re using…and video is no different!

    That’s why This Week In Video Marketing, we’re going to discuss social video marketing and the importance of optimizing your videos for each platform you intend to share them on.

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  • What Marketers Need To Know About Vertical Videos

    The Right Way To Use Vertical Video

    A few years ago, vertical videos were laugh-worthy.

    Novice video creators would upload a low-quality video from their smart phone, and once it got into the video player, two-thirds of the screen would be taken up by black pillar boxes on either side of the video.

    Or worse, the entire video would upload on its side, so you’d have to tilt your head to see it in the correct orientation.

    But now, mobile devices and apps are pushing the boundaries of what it means to shoot videos “the right way.”

    So, now that each social media platform seems to have its own video preference, we’re left with a big question…

    Should you shoot vertical or horizontal?

    Find out in this video.

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  • How To Increase Your Facebook Audience Reach Using Video

    How to increase your facebook audience reach using video

    Facebook is becoming an increasingly frustrating problem for marketers.

    On the one hand, it’s the king, queen, and ace of social media platforms. The ad network is extremely effective and Facebook’s users practically live on the platform.

    But on the other hand, Facebook is becoming increasingly “pay-to-play” as they relentlessly scale back your organic post reach, or the percentage of your fans who see each post you share.

    Between January and July of 2016 alone, Facebook pages have experienced a dramatic 52% decline in organic reach.

    And that’s just the most recent shift. In 2012, Facebook pages had a 12% organic reach. Today, your reach may be as low as 2%!

    Find out how video can help This Week In Video Marketing!

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  • The Truth Behind Facebook’s Video Metrics Controversy (Ep. 43)


    By now, you’ve probably heard the outrage. Lots of video marketers and advertisers are infuriated by Facebook’s supposed Average Watch Time “controversy.”

    Quite simply, the issue revolves around whether or not Facebook counts video impressions that have a watch-time of 3 seconds or less. They’ve done it both ways, but of course, they can’t make everyone happy.

    So what’s the big deal? Find out in this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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  • Double Your ROI Using Facebook Video Ads, With Rick Mulready (Ep. 25)

    Double Your ROI Using Facebook Video Ads with Rick Mulready

    You’ve probably heard…Facebook is going all-in on video.

    Brands that use videos on Facebook reach a higher percentage of their audience with each post and drive significantly more engagement than brands that don’t.

    And then there’s Facebook ads, which provide amazing targeting options at a surprisingly low cost (if you know what you’re doing).

    But how do you put them together? Are Facebook videos ads even effective?

    Well, according to Facebook Ad Expert Rick Mulready, the answer is a resounding “yes.” In this episode, Rick shares how to double your ROI using Facebook video ads.

    You’ll discover the essential elements of a successful Facebook video ad campaign, from creating the video to targeting the right audience, and even how to use your metrics to make smart optimizations and get better results over time.

    You don’t want to miss this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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  • Content Marketing: 7 New Tricks for Old Marketing Dogs

    Content marketing 7 new tricks for old marketing dogs

    It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

    And for those of us in marketing, that’s never been more true than it is today.

    Seemingly overnight, content marketing burst onto the scene, challenging prevailing marketing practices that were honed over a century of professional skill, thought and discipline.

    Along with the change came new tools, new data and new technical skills.

    It can be intimidating. After all, they say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” implying that only Millennials who possess these skills can succeed in today’s world.

    In truth, marketing hasn’t changed as much as you think. All you need is some guidance. And a few new tricks.

    To help you get started, I’ve compiled a short list of tips, or “tricks,” for anyone who’s feeling left behind by the seismic shift in the marketing landscape.

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  • 10 Quick Tips to Dominate Twitter at Your Next Conference


    It sucks, doesn’t it?

    You spend thousands of dollars bringing your company to a conference, only to get average (or below average) results.

    In the past, this usually would happen to organizations that felt they needed to have a presence, but lacked the resources to really “go big.”

    But today it seems that EVERY brand stands out, with flashy colors, elaborate booths, and cool conference “swag.”

    Getting attention can be virtually impossible when everyone is using the same tactics. Walk into any exhibit hall today and you’ll find yourself bombarded with sound, color and motion. It’s an advertiser’s worst nightmare.

    This conference booth “arms race” has driven up the cost of exhibiting at conferences for everyone. And with bigger budgets come greater expectations.

    So how can event coordinators help their brand rise above the noise and stand out? Find out more…

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