Sales Process Optimization

How to Increase Demand for Your Product Using Video

by Colin Noonan • February 23, 2017

You’ve designed a great product, launched it, and waited for prospects to line up for it…

But few people are buying, or even showing interest.

What went wrong?

Did you target the wrong audience? Was the price too high? Bad timing?

It’s easy to make excuses for why quality prospects don’t convert, but in our experience, it can usually be boiled down to one common mistake.

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The Importance of Sales Enablement Videos

by Amanda Mollindo • November 18, 2016

Want to know the one of the biggest mistakes most businesses make with video?

They prioritize traffic and lead generation, instead of using video to optimize their sales process.

Sure, it sounds like a reasonable strategy. After all, that’s how the big brands use video.

Wouldn’t it make sense to follow in a brand like Apple’s footsteps?

Clearly, they’ve done something right…

Unfortunately, top-of-funnel video strategies don’t work (right away) for most businesses.

A much faster and lower-risk strategy is to use video to improve your sales velocity first, then circle back to creating videos for traffic and lead gen once your sales process has been streamlined.

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6 Simple Ways To Use Testimonials That Increase Sales

6 Simple Ways to Use Testimonials that Increase Sales

by Colin Noonan • October 21, 2016

If you’re looking for ways to boost sales and convert skeptical leads into buyers, testimonials are the way to go.

But how should you use your testimonials? And are there better places than others to post them?

The great thing is there are several ways you can use testimonials in order to convert leads into buyers and increase sales.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to share customers’ stories of success with your product or service…

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3 Reasons Why Testimonials Are So Powerful

by Colin Noonan • September 23, 2016

Smart marketers know that the most persuasive sales messages don’t come from a sales rep or a business owner…they come from other satisfied customers.

You’re not the most credible source of information on your product, because you have an incentive to sell it. Or at least that’s how your prospects see it.

But when your sales message comes from a genuinely satisfied customer, prospects view that as far more credible and persuasive.

And when you combine that kind of social influence with story and the emotional power of video, you get the most valuable kind of video content there is:


Here are three reasons why testimonial videos are so effective…

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Boost Sales With Video

3 Secrets to Speeding up Sales with Video

by Jason Fair • July 25, 2016

Ever wonder if there’s a secret to speeding up sales?

Guess what? There is…

It’s called video.

A good sales video can save valuable time. By automating part of your sales process with helpful videos, your sales team can focus on closing deals with better-informed prospects.

But do people really respond to videos as well as they would if they were talking to a real person?

Jason Fair, WireBuzz’s Director of Content Development, will walk you through the 3 ways video helps your sales team close more deals, faster.

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