Video Marketing Mastery Podcast

How to do Your Thought Leadership Videos on the Cheap (Ep. 151)

by Todd Hartley • May 22, 2018

Do you ever feel discouraged because you have a lot of content to share, but you’re working with a tight budget that makes you feel pinched?

Too many companies think they need a massive production budget to produce thought leadership video content, but that’s just not the case.

And if your organization isn’t using video to position themselves as thought leaders, then they’re missing out on a big opportunity to capture market share.
That’ because video converts more prospects than any other content medium, so don’t discount it!

In this episode of Video Marketing Mastery, I’m moments from a speaking appearance in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I chatted with Thomas Hofland, a frequent contributor to the podcast and we discuss the right (and affordable) equipment needed to produce great thought leadership videos on the cheap.

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The Stories You’ve Always Wanted to Hear (Ep. 150)

by Todd Hartley • May 18, 2018

If you’ve listened to the show before, you know that I’ve had to navigate past learning disabilities for most of my life.

From grade school through high school, I visited one professional after the next to better understand my learning disorder. However, all the conflicting advice just caused more confusion and frustration.

But there’s one man who has been a guiding light throughout this journey, and that man is my dad.

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How to Use Video to Make Your Sales Proposals More Effective (Ep. 149)

by Todd Hartley • May 9, 2018

When was the last time someone convinced you to buy their product or service with paragraphs of text? Probably 1995, right?

The sales proposal has changed, and for the better. But many companies are still serving up their information via text, and they wonder why they’re not seeing conversions.

The statistics are clear, video is the way people prefer to learn. Imagine what sending a video follow-up to a proposal could do for your conversions.

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Remarketing Best Practices for Google and YouTube 2018 (Ep. 148)

by Todd Hartley • May 4, 2018

Picture this, you’ve got tons of people clicking on your Google and YouTube ads, but for some reason your conversions are terrible.

For whatever reason, people are interested enough in your product or service to click your ad, but not quite ready to commit. How do you get those people back and continue to communicate your message to them?

If you could ensure that your branding and message stayed in front of your target audience long after they clicked on one of your ads or visited your site, would you?

What if I said that doing so would provide you with substantial ROI and do wonders for your conversion rates?

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How to Use LinkedIn Video Ads (Ep. 147)

by Todd Hartley • April 26, 2018

If you’ve been dreaming of using video to advertise on LinkedIn, your wait is over. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions announced that native video ads will appear directly in LinkedIn’s feed.

This is great news because, as we all know, advertising on LinkedIn has been a few years behind for a while now.

If you’re skeptical about jumping on the video ad train on LinkedIn, don’t be. As with most things, early adoption is going to be the only way to succeed. But you can’t just throw any old video in an ad and expect conversions.

The only way to create successful video content for LinkedIn’s advertising platform is to optimize them for your audience and, of course, target the right people.

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