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Irrefutable Marketing Laws of the 2020s (Ep. 219)

by Todd Hartley • December 20, 2019

It’s that time of the year when the entire marketing world starts publishing its “trends for 2020.”

But honestly, a lot of them are “meh” and I’m tired of it. I’d rather give you something that stands the test of time (because trends are trendy and they come and go).

So in this episode, I’m unleashing the timeless megatrend you need to understand if you’re going to be a successful marketer, entrepreneur, business lead or video marketer over the next decade.

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How To Overcome Adversity When It Comes Looking for You (Ep. 218)

by Todd Hartley • December 11, 2019

There is [nothing] better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” – Malcolm X

Adversity is inevitable. What matters is how you respond.

My good friend, entrepreneur, and sales training expert, Dan Lier, joins me on the podcast to discuss the mindset you need to overcome life’s toughest challenges.

When Dan was diagnosed with amyloidosis, an incurable blood disease, he could have easily thrown in the towel and retreated from achieving his larger ambitions in life.

…but he never gave in.

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What Separates Top Performing Salespeople From Average Salespeople? (Ep. 217)

by Todd Hartley • December 4, 2019

If you gave two salespeople the same script, product, and territory…why is one able to crush their sales goal while the other struggles to hit their quota?

What’s the real problem that separates top performers from the “average sales dude?” (Hint: it’s not skill or talent, although those factors do matter at a certain point).

Dan Lier, a two-time collegiate basketball national champion and sales training expert, explains that the underlying problem keeping salespeople stuck is their psychology, or belief system.

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Using Video to Increase Conversion Rates (Ep. 216)

by Todd Hartley • November 7, 2019

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is simply a process for getting more return on your investment in traffic — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise.

The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what stops them from completing your goals.

When you understand these things, you can apply CRO strategies and tactics to plug leaks and improve your business results.

So how does this work with video? 

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Discover How to Maximize Your Prospects Attention Span (Ep. 215)

by Todd Hartley • October 8, 2019

Let’s talk about your prospect’s decreasing attention span.

You’ve probably heard the statistic that human beings have an average attention span of 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish.

But if that were true, you wouldn’t hear stories of people binge-watching entire seasons of their favorite Netflix show in one day, or video gamers engaging in 24-hour long marathon sessions.

The truth is, we’ll pay infinite attention to things that are interesting and relevant to us.

For business leaders and marketers, that means getting the right people to pay attention long enough to consume your marketing message so they feel certain enough to make a buying decision.

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