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The 7 Stages to a Successful Video Project (Ep. 181)

by Todd Hartley • November 8, 2018

Did you know there are 7 stages to a successful video project, but most marketers only do 3 of them?

It’s disappointing when your video project doesn’t hit a home run, but it’s even more frustrating when you don’t know why.

So in this episode of Video Marketing Mastery, I’m going to break down each of the 7 stages so that you know the process that WireBuzz uses to create video projects that generate results.

Here are the first two-stages just to whet your appetite ;)

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How Chili’s Generated 7,800 Leads Using YouTube Form Ads (Ep. 180)

by Todd Hartley • November 1, 2018

Do you want an effective way to generate leads that’s not from Facebook ads, Instagram or cold outreach?

Why not YouTube?

It has over 1.8 billion monthly users — that’s within spitting distance of Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users.

And Chili’s Grill and Bar used YouTube form ads to raise awareness for its 3 for $10 deal while generating 7,800 leads in the process.

Not bad, right?

YouTube form ads are like Facebook lead ads, allowing people to submit their name and email right below the ad (without leaving the platform or needing a landing page).

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3 Strategies to Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers, ft. Henry Kaminski Jr. (Ep. 179)

by Todd Hartley • October 25, 2018

Having lots of followers on social media is great, but you need to find ways to convert those followers into customers.

Otherwise, it’s just a vanity metric that looks satisfying on paper and makes your business appear “cool,” but doesn’t move the needle towards your business goals.

To give you actionable strategies for turning social media followers into customers, I’ve invited Henry Kaminski Jr. to the show.

Henry is the founder of Unique Designz, a marketing agency that helps authority brands grow, and host of the “Brand Doctor’s Podcast” where he shares strategies to grow a profitable personal brand.

He believes that you can build a wildly successful brand IF you have the right strategy, process, framework and infrastructure in place.

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What Top Earning Salespeople Do Differently, ft. Dan Lier (Ep. 178)

by Todd Hartley • October 17, 2018

What separates an average salesperson from a top-earning sales pro?

– Is it their ability to ask the right questions and uncover specific needs?
– Is it building rapport and creating a sense of trust?
– Is it overcoming objections and being able to close the deal?

While all of these skill sets contribute to a salesperson’s results, there’s one foundational element that all the best salespeople share, which is even more important.


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How to Optimize Your Video Ads for Different Platforms, ft. Akvile DeFaZio (Ep. 177)

by Todd Hartley • October 8, 2018

The power of video ads are undeniable and smart businesses are using them to convince and convert customers at faster rates.

But a common mistake that businesses make is using the same ad on multiple channels, without editing the creative to fit natively within the platform.

Facebook video ads should be different than LinkedIn video ads, which should be different from Twitter video ads, which should be different from YouTube video ads.

You feel me?

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