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The Long-Form Video Trend & Why It’s the Secret to Binge Worthy Buying Experiences (Ep. 197)

by Todd Hartley • April 16, 2019

Conventional wisdom says that shorter videos are better because more people will watch a short video than a long video.

“It’s better if people watch 100% of our 30-second video than if they only watch 50% of our 10-minute video, right!?”

…Unfortunately, conventional wisdom is wrong and here’s why.

Businesses have been misled to believe that video completion is the “North Star” metric they should be optimizing for, but message delivery is the REAL metric that matters.

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How Branding and Direct Response are Converging (Ep. 196)

by Todd Hartley • April 9, 2019

Digital Ads are everywhere — you can run from them but you can’t hide. They always have a way of finding you, whether that’s through social media or various video platforms.

And the worst part about them is that they disrupt whatever you were in the middle of doing. But smart brands are wising up and creating ads that are less intrusive (and more digestible).

Take Bud Light for example. Over the last year, they’ve been more strategic with their advertising, using storytelling principles to draw in their audience and to position themselves against their core competitors.
In their recent Super Bowl Commercial, they created stereotyped characters to poke fun at Miller Light and Coors Light, plus called out that they both use corn syrup in their beer (shots fired!).

So what can we learn from this?

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Using Relevance in Your Binge Worthy Video Content (Ep. 195)

by Todd Hartley • April 3, 2019

People expect hyper-relevant, personalized experiences. It’s a major trend in marketing.

Take Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube for example. When you login to these platforms, you’re greeted with relevant choices based on your past viewing history.

In a world where so many sales and marketing professionals are complaining that people have short attention spans, these super platforms are seeing insane increases in watch-time because they are feeding you MORE of what you want.

Great copywriters often say to “enter the conversation already taking place inside your prospect’s head.”

By aligning with your prospects immediate wants and needs, you demonstrate that you “get them,” and THAT’S how you capture attention and pull people through your marketing message at faster rates.

Unfortunately, most brands are still speaking to everybody, and that’s why Fortune 500 companies are crashing hard.

Today, it’s more important than ever for brand marketers to learn about direct-response and sales.

And it starts by getting clear on your message and strategic about how you communicate that message on your website and in your content.

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The Netflix Economy: How To Create Binge Worthy Buying Experiences (Ep. 194)

by Todd Hartley • March 27, 2019

Before Netflix there was Blockbuster. Remember them? Theywent out of business because they didn’t adjust to the online world.

Netflix, on the other hand, adapted when the movie rental industry began transitioning to online services and streaming, cementing themselves as the dominant player in their field.

So what can brands learn from Netflix’s success?

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How An Owned Audience Can Transform Your Business (Ep. 193)

by Todd Hartley • March 19, 2019

Mapping out your customer journey helps you serve the right piece of content to a potential prospect based on their previous interactions with your business. But did you know that 68% of marketers don’t have a documented customer journey strategy in place? Without knowing your customer’s journey, how do you expect to serve them hyper-relevant […]