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The One Place Your Business Shouldn’t Use Video (Ep. 188)

by Todd Hartley • February 7, 2019

Throughout the years, WireBuzz has been here to give you lots of advice on how to improve your business results using video.

We’ve discussed topics like, “how to create a winning video marketing strategy, “using video to convert more conference leads into customers,” and “creating a powerful customer testimonial video.”

But on this episode of Video Marketing Mastery, we offer some advice on when you shouldn’t use video. (And, of course, helpful resources that dive deeper into why).

5-Step Roadmap for Creating an Irresistible Marketing Message (Ep. 187)

by Todd Hartley • January 23, 2019

There are dozens of frameworks and methodologies you can follow to craft your marketing and sales message.

And the best part about frameworks is that they allow you to engineer success, as long as you apply them intelligently.

However, unless you’re a trained marketing strategist or copywriter, it can be challenging to discern which framework works best for your business.

In fact, we found that many of our clients don’t have the nuanced understanding to apply these messaging frameworks correctly…

…so we created our own.

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The Right Way to Charm & Prospect New Business using Video (Ep. 186)

by Todd Hartley • January 9, 2019

There are two strategies salespeople can implement when prospecting for new clients.

One strategy involves blasting out hundreds of templated emails and making dozens of annoying cold calls hoping for a 2-3% response rate.

Chances are you’ve received an email or sales call like this within the past week (and deleted it without a second thought, or made an excuse to hang up).

Not very effective, right?

The second strategy, which we reveal on the podcast, is tremendously more impactful.

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How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy (Ep. 185)

by Todd Hartley • January 4, 2019

Marketing has become a game of tactics and attempts to shortcut quality by publishing volumes of content.

But as we move into 2019, more brands are having a marketing paradigm shift — they’re starting with strategy first, and tactics second.

At WireBuzz, we’ve been preaching that philosophy for a long time.

And just to be clear, the strategy is a combination of your marketing message and the sequence of steps your prospects take in order to become a customer.

The tactics are all the individual things you do along the way to make that happen, whether that’s blogging, Facebook ads, videos, webinars, podcasts, emails, etc.

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Using Video to Convert More Conference Leads into Customers (Ep. 184)

by Todd Hartley • December 5, 2018

Many businesses rely on events to generate their leads and customers because it’s one of the few opportunities to get face time with prospects.

But is your booth loop video hooking your prospects attention and supporting your sales teams efforts?

Do you have a process to segment and follow up after the event ends to keep the engagement going while it’s hot?

And are you capturing assets that you can distribute to all your prospects who didn’t attend the event?

A smart video marketing strategy can enhance your business’s conference results every step of the way.

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