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  • 5 Video Production Options For Any Budget


    Ready to make a marketing video for your business?

    If you’re like most marketers, the first big hurdle is choosing a production partner that fits your budget and meets your needs. The real challenge is balancing quality and effectiveness with your budget constraints.

    Fortunately, you have 5 options when choosing a production strategy.

    Find out which one’s right for your business in our latest video!

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  • How to Succeed with Video Marketing


    Ready to get started in video marketing?

    We don’t blame you…

    It’s pretty exciting to see the results that a video marketing campaign can deliver, and there are so many ways that you can use videos. But to actually reap the benefits that video can provide, you need to know what you’re doing. And for most marketers, getting started on the right foot can be challenging.

    Video itself has a steep learning curve, and using it strategically to grow your business adds a whole new layer of complexity.

    So in this video, I’ll share some information to help you get started in video marketing.

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  • 5 Tips To Improve Audience Retention On Your Videos

    5 Tips to Keep Your Video Viewers Engaged

    One of the best ways to measure your video’s success is the audience retention metric.

    Your video’s “audience retention” is the percentage of your video that an average viewer reaches before they decide to stop watching. It can be used to measure how engaging your video is to viewers.

    Audience retention metrics are also typically paired with an engagement graph, which shows where your viewers are dropping off throughout the video. You can use this graph to gain insights into what your viewers want (or don’t), so you can create more engaging videos in the future.

    This is especially important on YouTube, where viewer watch time is the #1 ranking factor.

    That’s why the most effective optimization happens before you even upload your video to YouTube.

    But understanding exactly how to improve your content can be tricky, especially if you’re new to video.

    So to make things simple, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best ways to increase your audience retention rate…

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  • The Key Differences Between Facebook and YouTube Videos


    Think Facebook and YouTube videos are the same? Think again.

    Both platforms use video very differently.

    Just think about how both social media sites function…

    Facebook uses a News Feed, which means that your video, like any other post, is nearly impossible to find after a day or so.

    YouTube, on the other hand, is a search engine, which means your videos have a longer shelf-life because they can easily be discovered. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google.

    Plus, the way Facebook and YouTube define a “view” is very different. On YouTube, you have to actually click on a video to count it as a view (auto-played YouTube video views aren’t recorded). Even with YouTube ads, they only record views after someone watches the ad for 30 seconds.

    Contrast that with Facebook, where videos autoplay in the News Feed as you scroll past them. If you linger for just 3 seconds, even if you don’t look at the video, Facebook considers that a view.

    And those are just two of the biggest differences. There are many other reasons why you may want to choose to upload your video to one site over the other, or even potentially create different versions of your video and use both, like we do.

    In this episode, I’ll share how to use video on both platforms effectively, so take a look!

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  • 9 Tips for Improving Your Facebook Live Videos

    How To Make Better Facebook Live Videos

    We’ve been talking about the benefits of Facebook Live video for months. By now, you know that livestreaming is a great way to reach your audience and stand out from the crowd.

    But you may have noticed one big limitation: Facebook live only works on mobile.

    So if you want to share high-quality footage, mobile video immediately sounds like a red flag.

    While the cameras on our mobile devices are continually improving, they’re still no match for a dedicated video camera. And let’s be honest, no one’s bothered to improve the quality of your phone’s mic for years.

    Sure, there are ways to work around using your smartphone altogether, but it get’s really complicated when you try to use anything else for Facebook Live.

    So how do you make the most of what you have to work with?

    The good news is, you’re not entirely limited to the quality of your phone’s camera lens and microphone; there are many new tools you can use to make the most out of your next Live event.

    So, instead of working against Facebook, watch this video to learn how you can improve your next livestream!

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  • What Marketers Need To Know About Vertical Videos

    The Right Way To Use Vertical Video

    A few years ago, vertical videos were laugh-worthy.

    Novice video creators would upload a low-quality video from their smart phone, and once it got into the video player, two-thirds of the screen would be taken up by black pillar boxes on either side of the video.

    Or worse, the entire video would upload on its side, so you’d have to tilt your head to see it in the correct orientation.

    But now, mobile devices and apps are pushing the boundaries of what it means to shoot videos “the right way.”

    So, now that each social media platform seems to have its own video preference, we’re left with a big question…

    Should you shoot vertical or horizontal?

    Find out in this video.

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  • Facebook Live: Why Marketers Need To Start Using It

    The Benefits of Facebook Live

    In today’s digital marketing landscape, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Everyone is trying to capture attention, but it’s easy to get buried in your followers’ news feed, especially on Facebook.

    Fortunately, there’s a unique window of opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and get huge exposure for your brand, right at the top of ALL your follower’s feeds.

    We don’t know how long it will last, but right now Facebook is promoting their live video functionality. In order to help it catch on, they’re putting your live events at the top of your followers’ News Feed and are even sending them notifications to increase engagement!

    Make sure you understand the benefits of using Facebook Live in this episode!

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  • Content Strategy: Why Your Video’s ROI Depends on It

    Content Strategy: Why Your Video’s ROI Depends on It

    Without a content strategy, all the hard work you put into creating videos can amount to nothing.

    And with video in particular, you’re investing more resources into that content, which makes it even more important that you have a thoughtful strategy for how that video will achieve your goals and generate ROI.

    Now, you might be wondering… what exactly does a content strategy look like?

    Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to get started with a great strategy for your content in this video. Check it out!

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  • Where To Use Your Videos Online To Grow Your Business

    Where To Use Your Videos Online To Grow Your Business

    So…you’ve finally made some videos for your business.

    You spent a lot time working on pre-production: you identified profitable video topics, wrote great scripts to refine your messaging, and nailed it on the shoot day. You even hired a production crew to make sure the quality of the video is on-point.

    Now, they’re all edited and you’re ready to grow your online presence, attracting leads like never before.
    But there’s just one problem…you’re not sure what to do next.

    Sure, you’re going to put the videos on your website. But if that’s the only place you share them, then their exposure will be limited by your website traffic.

    Unless your website is already getting a ton of traffic, you need to think bigger. Because your videos will only achieve your goals if your target customers actually see them.

    And if you’ve only made a few videos, you can’t expect them to blow up and boost your brand’s exposure overnight. If you’re really trying to see growth, you need to share videos regularly, all across the web.

    It may sound intimidating at first, but it’s easy to systematize and, once you do, you’ll really start to reap the rewards of video.

    In this episode, I’ll share some of the best places to upload your video to increase your exposure, and how to use video content regularly to grow your online presence.

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  • 5 Tips For Making Great Videos

    5 Tips For Making Great Videos

    You know video has superpowers.

    You know they can help you generate and educate leads, extend your reach, and drive sales.

    You know how much businesses can benefit from including video in their sales and marketing strategy.

    But there’s one problem…

    You don’t know where to begin.

    You’ve never made a video before. Your industry has nothing to do with video. And quite frankly, you don’t feel very creative, so the idea of making a great video feels nothing more than a dream.

    We understand. We can’t all be video experts.

    But that shouldn’t deter you from creating videos for your business. Whether you decide to take a DIY approach or find a great production team to work with, there are ways to create successful videos, as long as you know a few key elements to consider as you begin pre-production.

    So how do you know if your video will be a good one?

    I’ll show you the 5 things that you need to think about to set your video up for success. Take a look!

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