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  • Little Details Take Your Videos From Good To Great


    “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” — Coach John Wooden

    Legendary basketball coach John Wooden led UCLA to 10 National Championships in just a 12-year span.

    He’s famous for teaching his players not only how to dribble, pass, and shoot, but also the little things like lacing and tying your shoes properly (to prevent blisters and injuries). “Coach” knew that when you’re operating at the highest levels of competition, it’s those little things that separate good teams from great teams.

    And what is more competitive than marketing in the modern era? Your prospects are inundated by over 3000 marketing messages each day and 71% of them are increasing their budgets in video.

    That’s why This Week In Video Marketing, our team takes aim at some of the little details that separate “good” videos from “great” videos. Check it out!

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  • How to Build & Manage an Exceptional Video Team


    Let me be honest with you…

    I wouldn’t consider myself a “creative” person. As the head of WireBuzz’s strategy team, my skills tend to fall more on the analytical side of our business.

    Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with some truly exceptional creatives over the past five years.

    But that doesn’t mean it was always easy. I had to learn a lot about working with a creative team.

    That’s why This Week In Video Marketing, I’m going to share the two most practical lessons I’ve learned along the way.

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  • When is YouTube a Good Option for Marketers (Ep. 49)

    When is YouTube a good option for marketers?

    You should know by now that YouTube isn’t for everyone.

    It’s a huge investment of both time and money.

    The problem is, many video marketers still talk about YouTube like it will solve all of your marketing problems.

    Of course, YouTube is a great community builder. It’s a fantastic place to grow an audience and increase awareness about your brand. And it definitely can help boost your search engine rankings and traffic over the long-term.

    But it’s also a lot of work.

    YouTube is a long-term commitment. That means it needs to be a part of a smart strategy that fits your goals.

    Find out if YouTube really makes sense for your business!

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  • Getting Your Company Started With Video Marketing


    Businesses that use video are growing their revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.

    As a result, over 71% of marketers are rushing to increase their video budgets for the new year.

    That means the window of opportunity to use video as a competitive advantage is closing — before you know it, you’ll need videos just to keep up!

    So the question is: how do you get your company to take this opportunity seriously? Because the train is leaving the station and you definitely want to be on it…

    If you believe in the power of video, but aren’t sure how to start (or pitch) your first campaign, then you don’t want to miss This Week In Video Marketing!

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  • How To Get Viewers To Watch Your Videos To The End


    Have you ever noticed how bad most online videos are?

    Sure, they might include the brand message, but they just don’t capture and hold your attention…

    Most businesses make the mistake of treating videos like a box to be checked, as if all videos were created equally.

    But consider this: you’ve read good books and you’ve read bad books. The good ones may have changed your life, but you probably didn’t even finish the bad ones…

    Well that’s how videos are too!

    The difference is, you need people to watch all of your video before they’ll buy, a problem book publishers don’t share.

    Find out how This Week In Video Marketing!

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  • YouTube vs Facebook Video: What Marketers Need To Know


    Last week we explored the importance of customizing your videos for different platforms, but to do so effectively, you need to know how each platform differs.

    And of all the platforms you could share videos on, the two most popular (by far) are YouTube and Facebook.

    Fortunately, they also provide a perfect example of just how different two platforms can be.

    The context couldn’t be more different; when people go to YouTube, they’re usually going there to do something specific. But on Facebook, people just scroll through the newsfeed until something catches their eye.

    YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, while your Facebook videos disappear from the newsfeed after a couple days.

    YouTube doesn’t consider autoplays as “views,” whereas Facebook videos autoplay in the newsfeed (without sound) and record views after 3 seconds.

    It’s difficult to imagine how these video platforms could be any more different.

    And yet, most marketers continue to treat the platforms like they’re the same.

    Find out why that’s a mistake This Week In Video Marketing!

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  • Social Video Marketing: Optimizing Your Videos For Each Platform


    Remember when Facebook tried to make hashtags catch on?

    How embarrassing was that?!

    They tried to copy a technique that works on Twitter, but it just didn’t make sense for Facebook’s users.

    It didn’t work because Facebook isn’t a discovery platform like Twitter. And it never was.

    The critical mistake Facebook made here, is that they lost sight of what their platform is and how people actually use it. They tested something that was guaranteed to fail because it didn’t align with how users engage with their platform.

    The same dynamic applies to marketers as well — if you don’t understand how to tailor your communication to the context and culture of each platform, you’ll just embarrass yourself like Facebook did.

    You know what I’m talking about. You probably see it all the time; brands that create a tweet that automatically gets posted on Facebook too. Those results are so bad, they speak for themselves.

    It’s pretty obvious that you need to tailor your content for each platform you’re using…and video is no different!

    That’s why This Week In Video Marketing, we’re going to discuss social video marketing and the importance of optimizing your videos for each platform you intend to share them on.

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  • How To Increase Your Facebook Audience Reach Using Video

    How to increase your facebook audience reach using video

    Facebook is becoming an increasingly frustrating problem for marketers.

    On the one hand, it’s the king, queen, and ace of social media platforms. The ad network is extremely effective and Facebook’s users practically live on the platform.

    But on the other hand, Facebook is becoming increasingly “pay-to-play” as they relentlessly scale back your organic post reach, or the percentage of your fans who see each post you share.

    Between January and July of 2016 alone, Facebook pages have experienced a dramatic 52% decline in organic reach.

    And that’s just the most recent shift. In 2012, Facebook pages had a 12% organic reach. Today, your reach may be as low as 2%!

    Find out how video can help This Week In Video Marketing!

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  • Promotion: What To Do After You Finish Your Video Project

    What To Do After You Finish Your Video Project

    A powerful video that only one customer sees is not going to get you great results. But then again, neither will a viral video that doesn’t convert viewers into customers.

    At WireBuzz, we put a lot of emphasis on the strategy that goes into creating an effective video, from topic selection to scriptwriting and production.

    But what about getting your video in front of potential customers?

    Unfortunately, if you’ve waited until your video is complete to develop a strategy for actually using that video, it’s probably too late.
    So for This Week In Video Marketing, we’re going to be talking about how to get your videos the exposure they need to get ROI. And that all begins with strategy.

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  • YouTube SEO for Beginners: How to Get More Video Views

    YouTube SEO for Beginners Blog Graphic

    Admit it…

    You want your YouTube videos to get a lot of views. And while video views aren’t always the best metric for evaluating your video’s success, they are an essential ingredient.

    Views are all about exposure. As you get more video views, you should also generate more leads.

    So how can you get more video views and leads from YouTube? Find out This Week In Video Marketing!

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