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5 Ways to Pitch Video Marketing to Your Boss

by Jason Fair • November 9, 2016

Surprisingly, not everyone has bought into the power of video marketing, even with all the evidence showing that video is the most effective form of content.

We get it.

The up-front cost of video can be a big turnoff for many business owners and executives.

But you and I know that, when used correctly, video will generate the highest ROI.

So how do you convince your co-workers to get on-board, especially the ones in charge of the budget?

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Boost Sales With Video

3 Secrets to Speeding up Sales with Video

by Jason Fair • July 25, 2016

Ever wonder if there’s a secret to speeding up sales?

Guess what? There is…

It’s called video.

A good sales video can save valuable time. By automating part of your sales process with helpful videos, your sales team can focus on closing deals with better-informed prospects.

But do people really respond to videos as well as they would if they were talking to a real person?

Jason Fair, WireBuzz’s Director of Content Development, will walk you through the 3 ways video helps your sales team close more deals, faster.

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