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  • Using Video To Identify & Connect With Prospects (Ep. 37)

    Using Video To Identify & Connect With Prospects

    When it comes to content, video is in a league of its own.

    It extends attention spans and captivates audiences. It evokes emotion like no other form of media. It speeds up the learning process in an enjoyable way.

    But did you know it also makes your business’s expertise scalable? Video can jumpstart your company’s relationship with prospects long before you ever call, email, or meet in-person.

    And with certain video players, you can gather valuable data about your viewer’s interests and needs more efficiently than other content formats.

    But don’t take our word for it…

    In this episode, I interview Dan Tyre, HubSpot’s Director of Sales, about how video can propel your sales results to the next level. Find out why video is a game-changer when it comes to connecting with your potential buyers in this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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  • 3 Secrets to Speeding up Sales with Video

    Boost Sales With Video

    Ever wonder if there’s a secret to speeding up sales?

    Guess what? There is…

    It’s called video.

    A good sales video can save valuable time. By automating part of your sales process with helpful videos, your sales team can focus on closing deals with better-informed prospects.

    But do people really respond to videos as well as they would if they were talking to a real person?

    Find out in this video!

    Jason Fair, WireBuzz’s Director of Content Development, will walk you through the 3 ways video helps your sales team close more deals, faster.

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