• How to Increase Demand for Your Product Using Video


    You’ve designed a great product, launched it, and waited for prospects to line up for it…

    But few people are buying, or even showing interest.

    What went wrong?

    Did you target the wrong audience? Was the price too high? Bad timing?

    It’s easy to make excuses for why quality prospects don’t convert, but in our experience, it can usually be boiled down to one common mistake…

    A mistake that guarantees most of your qualified prospects will ignore your sales message entirely…

    You haven’t created enough demand for your solution.

    In other words, you haven’t made the problem your product solves a top priority for your prospects.

    And if someone doesn’t perceive that problem to be a priority, how likely are they to pay attention to your sales messages, let alone buy your product?

    No demand = No buyers.

    It may sound obvious, but very few businesses are actually trying to build demand before going in for the close.

    So in this post, we’re going to talk about how you can increase demand before the sale.

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  • What Fake News Means for Google and Facebook (Ep. 52)

    Video Marketing Mastery Podcast, EP 52

    Recently, everyone’s been up-in-arms about fake news.

    Facebook and Google are both receiving tons of criticism for allowing websites that publish inaccurate articles to go viral on their sites.

    Some are even citing fake news as the reason for the 2016 presidential election results!

    But as an investigative journalist in my past career, I know this is nothing new.

    Fake news was a problem long before Google and Facebook ever existed, only now it’s easier to spot and fact-check.

    For many, that’s not a good enough solution…

    People are calling for reform.

    But if two of the biggest tech giants in world start doing what is asked of them and become the judges of what is and isn’t “real,” then what does that mean for new media?

    In this episode, I share the consequences of censorship in the digital age, and answer a few of our listeners’ video questions that we’ve received over the past week.

    This is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss!

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  • How to Optimize Your YouTube Video Titles and Descriptions

    How to optimize your youtube video titles and descriptions

    YouTube is the second largest search engine, right behind Google. And with over 1 billion users, there’s a niche for everyone.

    Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to engage with your audience and boost your thought leadership. Which is why plenty of businesses use it to get discovered and generate leads.

    But it isn’t for everyone…

    YouTube isn’t just a place to host a few random business videos. It takes time and commitment to build and maintain a YouTube channel.

    If you’re ready to make that commitment, you have to understand how YouTube works before you can gain any traction.

    And perhaps most of all, you’ll need to understand how to optimize your videos in order to see results.

    Learn how to write great YouTube video titles and descriptions to get your videos noticed!

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  • Viewtopia 2016: How Salesforce Uses Video in their Content Strategy (Ep. 51)

    How Sales Force Uses Video in their Content Strategy - Video Marketing Mastery

    Coming up with an effective video strategy for your business is tricky.

    First and foremost, everything you do should support your business goals. You’ll also need to consider things like your audience size, your buyer’s journey, and which traffic sources you want to focus on to get prospects through your sales funnel.

    No two content strategies will ever look the same, but it helps to see examples of successful companies using video marketing to extend their reach and educate leads.

    And who better to learn from than Salesforce?

    At Viewtopia 2016, I sat down with Salesforce’s Sr. Manager of Social Media and Content, Marissa Kraines, and Director of Video Strategy, Victor Haseman, to talk about how they use video marketing to reach their business goals.

    Even if your company isn’t as big as Salesforce, there’s plenty to learn from this conversation. We talked about everything from Snapchat ads to building thought leadership with video, so you’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode!

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  • How to Use B-Roll in Your Next Video Project

    Why You Need to Include B-Roll in Your Videos

    Imagine a talking-head style video, interview, or testimonial. If the person on-screen is telling a compelling story, you might watch it all the way though. But frankly, watching someone speak isn’t all that exciting.

    If you want your video to have high production value and keep your viewers engaged, you need to add more. You don’t need complicated animation or cinematic scenes, but supporting the narrative with B-roll will always help you make a more successful video.

    Find out what b-roll is and how to use it in this video!

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  • Is Video Better at Driving Traffic or Closing Sales? (Ep. 50)

    Video Marketing Mastery Podcast with Todd Hartley and Marcus Krieg

    If you’re new to video marketing, you might think that going viral is the epitome of success for a business video. When you see videos from companies like Dollar Shave Club or GoPro get millions of views, it’s easy to think that views are the best measure of effectiveness, when it should always be ROI.

    Don’t get me wrong. Video can be great for driving traffic, but most marketers fail to recognize one key ingredient: you need a sizable audience for a traffic-based strategy to work. Either that, or a big advertising budget.

    That’s why we tend to steer our clients with small audiences toward videos that optimize their sales funnel.

    But determining if your business should use video to drive traffic or close sales will depend on your needs and business goals.

    To help you understand how you should be using video marketing, I’ve brought Marcus into the studio to discuss how effective video is at driving traffic and closing sales. You won’t want to miss this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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  • How to Dress for a Video Shoot

    Wondering what to wear for your next video shoot?

    What separates a “good” video from “great” one?

    The details.

    A rockstar video team does a lot more than work a camera or set up lights. They notice the small things like a distracting doorknob in the background, a colorful painting that overwhelms the scene, or the talent’s flyaway hair that needs to be tamed.

    But they can’t do everything. The talent needs to come prepared too. And one of the simplest things we see people overlook is their wardrobe.

    Of course, you’ll want to look good in front of the camera and you might even want to show off your personal style. But there are some rules to keep in mind when you’re going to be on video.

    If you’re not sure what to wear on your shoot day, I’ve shared some wardrobe tips that’ll have you looking your best on video!

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  • The Importance of Sales Enablement Videos


    Want to know the one of the biggest mistakes most businesses make with video? They prioritize traffic and lead generation, instead of using video to optimize their sales process. Sure, it sounds like a reasonable strategy. After all, that’s how the big brands use video. Wouldn’t it make sense to follow in a brand like […]

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  • 5 Tips For Providing Creative Feedback To Your Video Team


    Unfortunately, we can’t do everything ourselves. That’s why we rely on our team to bounce ideas off one another, and take charge of different responsibilities.

    This is especially true in video marketing.

    When you’re trying to convey a message in video, you have to rely heavily on your creative team to bring your vision to life.

    But without helpful, concise feedback from you, your production team will struggle to give you what you’re looking for. As imaginative as they might be, your creative team can’t read your mind, so it’s up to you to communicate your ideas clearly.

    That’s why we’ve come up with some tips for those of us that aren’t visual thinkers.

    Learn more in this video!

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  • When is YouTube a Good Option for Marketers (Ep. 49)

    When is YouTube a good option for marketers?

    You should know by now that YouTube isn’t for everyone.

    It’s a huge investment of both time and money.

    The problem is, many video marketers still talk about YouTube like it will solve all of your marketing problems.

    Of course, YouTube is a great community builder. It’s a fantastic place to grow an audience and increase awareness about your brand. And it definitely can help boost your search engine rankings and traffic over the long-term.

    But it’s also a lot of work.

    YouTube is a long-term commitment. That means it needs to be a part of a smart strategy that fits your goals.

    Find out if YouTube really makes sense for your business!

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