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  • Warning: This Common Mistake Will Kill Your Video’s ROI

    3 Best Practices for Placing Videos On Your Website

    Videos can be such a valuable asset to your business –– so why do so many marketers hide their videos?

    You’d be surprised how frequently we find videos concealed behind links, lurking below the fold, or buried under other content on the page.

    Your video only does it’s job when your audience actually knows that it exists!

    So if people visiting your website can’t easily access your video, you won’t see the increased engagement or improved search rankings that we’re always talking about.

    In this episode, I’ll cover 3 video placement best practices that will help you get the most out of your investment.

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  • Why Video Is The Most Persuasive Form of Content


    It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

    You’ve done your market research.

    You’ve created a product that solves a unique problem in that market.

    You’ve even found efficient ways to put that product in front of your ideal prospects.

    But for some reason, you’re struggling to get the sale.

    Sound familiar? If so, your landing pages may have a persuasion problem.

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  • 3 Ways To Growth Hack Your Business Using Video


    Have you ever tried life hacks?

    You know, creative little tricks for solving complex problems?

    They’re amazing, right?!

    Now, imagine you could do the same thing for your business.

    That’s growth hacking — simple, creative solutions that dramatically increase your website’s revenue.

    The core idea behind growth hacking is to get the best results with minimal investment.

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  • How To Use App Preview Videos To Boost Downloads

    How to use app preview videos to boost downloads

    Starting tomorrow, September 17th, Apple is finally allowing developers to include App Preview videos that can be included right in the App Store.

    This video would live at the top of your App Store product page, right above the screenshots.

    To learn more about this developing news, check out the video below, where our CEO, Todd Hartley, interviews’s Russell Holly to discuss the announcement and what it means for app developers.

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