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  • My Video Marketing Resolutions for 2017 (ep. 56)


    2016 was a huge year for WireBuzz. After studying our prospects’ online engagement, examining their interests, and paying attention to their decisions, we discovered something that would change how we do business.

    As a result, last year we closed 3X the number of deals and sped up our sales cycle by 67%.

    But I still think we can do better.

    So check out this episode to find out the most important lesson I learned in 2016, and how I plan to use that knowledge to improve my strategy for 2017.

    You won’t want to miss my New Year’s business resolutions, and how you can use a similar approach to grow your business!

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  • The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017


    It’s that time of year again…

    With 2017 just around the corner, we’re reflecting on all that’s happened in the world of video marketing and looking at where the industry will take us next.

    This year, major players in social media put video first. 71% of companies increased their video budgets. More viewers watched the 2016 olympics and the US presidential debates online than they did on television. And here at WireBuzz, we doubled the number of videos we produced in-house from 2015.

    Needless to say, video was huge in 2016, and it’s not going anywhere.

    That’s why I brought on the WireBuzz team to share which video marketing trends you need to know about in 2017.

    So tune in to find out where video is going in the new year!

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  • Using Live Streaming Video for your Business (Ep. 53)


    2016 was a huge year for live video, and it will continue to grow in 2017.

    At WireBuzz, livestreaming is nothing new; we’ve been broadcasting live videos long before Periscope and Facebook Live made it trendy. But now that it’s accessible to anyone with a smartphone, we’ve helped several of our clients use livestreaming and they’re already seeing great results!

    In this episode of Video Marketing Mastery, you’ll find a few great reasons why live video is a smart marketing tactic for your business, and how to get started. Be sure to check it out!

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  • What Fake News Means for Google and Facebook (Ep. 52)

    Video Marketing Mastery Podcast, EP 52

    Recently, everyone’s been up-in-arms about fake news.

    Facebook and Google are both receiving tons of criticism for allowing websites that publish inaccurate articles to go viral on their sites.

    Some are even citing fake news as the reason for the 2016 presidential election results!

    But as an investigative journalist in my past career, I know this is nothing new.

    Fake news was a problem long before Google and Facebook ever existed, only now it’s easier to spot and fact-check.

    For many, that’s not a good enough solution…

    People are calling for reform.

    But if two of the biggest tech giants in world start doing what is asked of them and become the judges of what is and isn’t “real,” then what does that mean for new media?

    In this episode, I share the consequences of censorship in the digital age, and answer a few of our listeners’ video questions that we’ve received over the past week.

    This is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss!

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  • Viewtopia 2016: How Salesforce Uses Video in their Content Strategy (Ep. 51)

    How Sales Force Uses Video in their Content Strategy - Video Marketing Mastery

    Coming up with an effective video strategy for your business is tricky.

    First and foremost, everything you do should support your business goals. You’ll also need to consider things like your audience size, your buyer’s journey, and which traffic sources you want to focus on to get prospects through your sales funnel.

    No two content strategies will ever look the same, but it helps to see examples of successful companies using video marketing to extend their reach and educate leads.

    And who better to learn from than Salesforce?

    At Viewtopia 2016, I sat down with Salesforce’s Sr. Manager of Social Media and Content, Marissa Kraines, and Director of Video Strategy, Victor Haseman, to talk about how they use video marketing to reach their business goals.

    Even if your company isn’t as big as Salesforce, there’s plenty to learn from this conversation. We talked about everything from Snapchat ads to building thought leadership with video, so you’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode!

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  • Is Video Better at Driving Traffic or Closing Sales? (Ep. 50)

    Video Marketing Mastery Podcast with Todd Hartley and Marcus Krieg

    If you’re new to video marketing, you might think that going viral is the epitome of success for a business video. When you see videos from companies like Dollar Shave Club or GoPro get millions of views, it’s easy to think that views are the best measure of effectiveness, when it should always be ROI.

    Don’t get me wrong. Video can be great for driving traffic, but most marketers fail to recognize one key ingredient: you need a sizable audience for a traffic-based strategy to work. Either that, or a big advertising budget.

    That’s why we tend to steer our clients with small audiences toward videos that optimize their sales funnel.

    But determining if your business should use video to drive traffic or close sales will depend on your needs and business goals.

    To help you understand how you should be using video marketing, I’ve brought Marcus into the studio to discuss how effective video is at driving traffic and closing sales. You won’t want to miss this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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  • How Increased Competition Affects Video Marketers (Ep. 48)

    How Increased Competition Affects Video Marketers with Marcus Kreig

    The window of opportunity to use video as a competitive advantage is starting to close…

    And soon, the days when businesses didn’t need video content to stay competitive will be a thing of the past.

    Even today, consumers expect brands to use video. In fact, 25% of people lose interest in brands if they don’t have a product video.

    So if you haven’t already made videos for your business, you better act fast or risk falling behind.

    But before you set up a studio and start cranking out videos, keep this in mind: the competition is getting stiffer, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd, even with video marketing.

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  • 4 Steps For Persuading Your Stakeholders To Invest In Video (Ep. 47)

    4 Steps For Persuading Your Stakeholders To Invest In Video

    Sure, you understand the power of video. You’re convinced that video is going to generate leads, boost sales, and skyrocket your company’s ROI…

    But what about your boss?

    Even today, many key stakeholders don’t recognize the significant advantage video can provide to a business.

    So the question is: how do you persuasively inform key stakeholders about the importance of video, without turning it into a conflict over company resources?

    It’s an important question, which is why I’ve brought back Marcus Krieg to walk you through a simple four-step framework for persuading your coworkers to give video marketing a try.

    If you’re fighting to get video adopted at your company, then this is a great episode you won’t want to miss!

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  • 4 Strategic Ways to Grow Your Business With Video (Ep. 46)


    By now, you know that a strategic business video is an investment. Even when you’re doing everything in-house, it’s still going to take more time, money, and resources than other forms of content.

    So naturally, you want to be sure you’re going to get a return.

    The good news is, with the right video content, your one-time investment in video can translate into long-term business growth.

    If you focus on on creating evergreen video content, you can use those videos for years to come, and often in multiple ways.

    For example, a home page explainer video can help your website sell more effectively and help your sales team engage with new prospects via direct sales outreach.

    Curious about other ways video can help you directly increase revenue? Then you don’t want to miss this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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  • What Facebook’s Recent Analytics Scandal Really Means For Marketers


    By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the big Facebook “scandal” surrounding their Average Watch Time metrics.

    As expected, the media blew the entire situation out of proportion, claiming that Facebook was intentionally inflating their metrics.

    But as a video marketer, when I first heard about the issue I was left scratching my head, wondering what the big deal was…

    So to help correct any misunderstandings around this controversy, I’m sharing what actually happened and how it affects marketers and advertisers.

    To read the full story, check it out on The Huffington Post.

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